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Although Harry Watkins provides an astonishing amount of information about his professional life in his diary, he is practically silent about his family background. So, we have been working hard to piece together his ancestry -- which has led to several remarkable discoveries.

Over the past two years, I have spent hundreds of hours conducting genealogical research on the Watkins family. Today, I know much more about Harry Watkins and his relations than my own family! It's been a fascinating journey, one that is still ongoing.

Harry Tweets!

09 Nov 2016
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To commemorate the 171st anniversary of the commencement of Harry's diary (and to celebrate impending delivery of the critical edition to the publisher), Harry will begin tweeting on November 20, 2016.

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What a fabulous way to start 2016 -- The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded the Harry Watkins Project an "Award for Faculty" for 2016! The panel of reviewers described the project as “impressive” and “field-changing,” and noted both its scholarly and pedagogical value. This award will support work on the chapters for the print edition of the diary and, by extension, the digital edition as well. 

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We are delighted and honored to be the first project featured on ASTR's Digital Research and Scholarship blog! You can read the post here. This group, which was recently established by the American Society of Theatre Research with the support of an anonymous donor, is spearheaded by Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng (Bowdoin College).

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At 7:55pm EST tonight, Shane and I reviewed the transciptions of the last diary pages assigned to our team for the second round of proofreading. Naomi and her editorial assistants finished their half of the diary before we did, so we are not victorious in that respect. But it feels like a victory nevertheless. 

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On June 24, 2015, Dr. William Adams, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), visited LaGuardia Community College, where I shared my experience of working with the Harry Watkins Diary project. His visit began with a discussion with President Dr. Gail Mellow, faculty, and students about the thriving humanities research programs at LaGuardia, and to tour the campus.

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It’s been quiet on the blog recently, but it’s been anything but quiet behind the scenes. For example, we welcomed a new student member to our editorial team: Elijah Akinbamidele. We also hit the halfway point in our second round of tandem proofreading (PR2 is 56% complete as of today), and so we will likely meet our goal of completing all proofreading by the end of this summer!

Censoring his past

09 Jan 2015
Posted by naomi

What better way to start off the New Year than with a trip to Harvard Theatre Collection to uncover disappointed love, drunken antics, and disputed records?

Through some heavy etching out and repeating letter forms over the initial text, lengthy sections of the diary have been redacted by Harry. What do these passages concern? Chiefly his love life, bouts of excessive drinking, and disputes surrounding authorship of his plays, and these alterations show Harry's awareness of future readers.

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A conference is attended. Contacts are made. Ideas fructify unbidden.

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Before I became a theatre historian, I was a professional graphic designer, having designed children’s books, marketing materials, and quite a few snarky t-shirts for myself. It has been five years since my last design job, so I was thrilled when the editors asked me if I would mind designing a Harry Watkins t-shirt for our staff. I knew immediately that I would feature a piece of Harry’s writing to show off his (not always) elegant script which might show a bit of who he is as a person.